undone heroes deluxe

This deluxe edition of “undone heroes” commemorates the 3-year anniversary of the original release, and features:

  • original artwork
  • pages of my rhyme book
  • preview of blackbody radiation
  • 2 bonus tracks* from the upcoming album
  • 1 unreleased track


* if you purchased a Handmade copy of the album previously, you can download these for free!

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Borrowed Time

The beginning: the very definition of comfort?

From my brother: Very nice introduction song to the album sets the tone of the whole record; stating ‘This is a chill, back-to-the-roots-of-hip-hop, and head bobbing album’. Troubadour also produced it well with the intermittent turntable scratching on the instrumentals. I like the listing of possible ‘bulletproof items’.


feeling abundant but nothing is comfort

My Physical Destruction

In order to rebuild..

Shows off your lyrical songwriting skills which is great for an upcoming artist like yourself because it shows you’re not some run-of-the-mill rapper that’s just out to make a lot of guap on a song that has just a “hot beat”, you also posses the skill to attack with your lyrical prowess…


I need to be significant while I’m living

So Bad

A song about yearning.

Shows your ability as a storyteller which is a very important component for any type of artist, people want to be taken to either realm or reality. For example that is why people see movies usually every weekend. I like the prolonged horn section behind your bars, makes a nice connection with the tenor of your voice.


if I were you, I’d put a lot of faith in him

Good Life

Lewd recesses where desire is born.

This track has an almost dark feeling to it which is great. I picture you on a stage with a fog machine running with the spotlight pointed directly at you and as the chorus approaches the band is then visible and the woman is shown swaying. Song also ironically shines the light of actually achieving the goal of the “good life” as if you are being the spokesperson on shining the light on any fallacies, and the good life may not come so easily.

Where they at?


intentions are devilish

Same Old, Same Old

A problem.

Troubadour makes a nice surprising cameo appearance in the beginning. Shows you ability to change your tempo whether it is over a fast track or something slow and somber. Love that Gaga reference (Paws up LBMJ). Like how you make a mention that you and Trou represent for the hip hop opera. Also like the reference on how life can be extremely repetitive.


This Is Called Game

(No, it’s not.)

“Anabella had a fat ass.” Like this because it makes you sound comical which is great because it shows that you have a sense a humor and not just a “sorrow is me” rapper.


What I Gotta Do

Fresh Though

Chasing the sun when it comes, but it goes

[…] it just meshes just perfectly like a cloth that can comfort the hearing. Like the mention of mommy and daddy on how in life you can start out with shit and then as you work a hard you can achieve more than you ever thought you could ever get, puts that “achieving your dreams” mindset into the thought process.

So I prefer the money instead of the sunshine..


life’s kinda funny like that sometimes

Get That Money

undone heroes deluxe


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dear dada powell,

my sister was rapping along to one of your tracks the other day. though she had her head phones on i knew it was you by the cadence and the down beat. i asked her to be sure and she was like.. yes. we got a good laugh out of that one.

p.s. i lovr your tumblr!
(from The Intisar)

Me and my Rhymebook

The end:
watching the sunset at the end of a long day

(This is where I wrote the song. Try it in Street view while you listen!)